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bluon.me smart wristband

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With its unique design, suitable for children from 1 to 12 years old, it communicates with smartphones and computers: it geolocates the wearer’s position when found and enables to call, send text messages or automatically talk to relatives.


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  • How does it work?


    When activated, the position of the child who is wearing the wristband is indicated on the interactive map and sent to all your registered telephones, tablets and computers. The weather conditions of where the child got lost, and any further information you need to get to them quickly, are also indicated.


    bluon.me is not based on apps but on normal web pages. It is truly universal, as it can be used on any fixed mobile device connected to the Internet. Bluon.me smart wristbands work across the whole world with no limitation.

    Instant notifications

    The system sends an instant notification to all of your registered telephones, tablets and computers, as well as an e-mail. The device emits a sound or vibrates to indicate the arrival of a notification. Clicking on the notification will instantly open the Safeguard page so the user can find out, if detected, the geolocated position of the lost child on the map.

    Very simple to use

    It can be set up in just a few moments. It requires no maintenance whatsoever: it does not require batteries, subscriptions costs or a SIM card.

  • Features


    NFC (Near Field Communication) technology enables close-distance communication with the majority of devices and smartphones currently on the market. This technology is already often used for contactless card payments.

    Completely harmless

    It is fitted with a passive electronic circuit which does not emit any electromagnetic waves: it is completely harmless and secure.

  • Material

    Waterproof and resistant

    It is made with elastic, breathable material, is completely waterproof and durable. Resistant to freshwater and saltwater and temperatures up to 90°.

    Unique comfort

    The special open-weave fabric enables air to circulate between the fibres. Its breathable properties ensure freshness and hygiene. They are designed to have very quick drying times: total comfort for all situations.

    Also for sensitive skin

    All our fabric and brand providers are Oekotex certified. This means that the Semiperdo fabric does not contain any dangerous substances.



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