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Tippy is an innovative anti-abandon device. It detects your child’s presence in the car, by talking to the appropriate APP.

How does it work?
1. Download the appropriate app on your iOS or Android smartphone and connect the car seat alarm
2. Store the emergency numbers to be contacted
3. Place the car seat alarm on your baby’s seat or car seat
4. Done! Now the app will alert you with a notification (audio and visual alarm on the smartphone) in case you leave the child alone inside the car.
5. If you do not respond to the notification, the app will immediately send an SMS to the preset telephone numbers indicating the geographical coordinates of the car, creating a real rescue network.

To install the Tippy APP on your smartphone, you must download it from the Google Play Store for the Android operating system and the Apple Store for the iOS operating system and follow the installation instructions. Set-up is very easy!

You can enter up to two emergency numbers.

It is possible to associate a maximum of 3 Tippy to your smartphone.

For the duration of the warranty on conformity defects please refer to the national regulations applicable in the country of purchase, where provided.

For more details, refer to the instruction manual.

Of course you can! The data registered on a telephone (child’s name, emergency telephone numbers etc.) will be automatically displayed on the other phones connected.

The device works with BLE technology  (2.4 – 2.485GHz frequency band). It is fully CE certified to be used without any radiation danger.

Tippy is a pad, so you can place it anywhere. It measures approximately 30×20 cm, and it suitable for children up to 12 years. You can use it in your car seat or in your carrycot!

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